Afrika Feuntes


April 2012 – Rainbow Video Release

Filming Rainbow was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! The crew and director Luís Martínez were awesome, and of course, Miguel Campello! It was loads of fun!! (Afrika Fuentes)

The video for Rainbow was filmed in Madrid by Haiku Films. It took 3 whole days from start to finish and it was shot over 2 different locations by a crew of nearly 30 really talented people.

The outdoor shots were filmed in one of the “Sierra” forests in Spain’s capital city; Madrid. Everybody on the film crew team worked really hard, carrying ridiculously heavy equipment right to the top of the hill, enduring extreme  temperatures at times, both freezing coldness and scorching heat. But the end result made it all worthwhile!

Through blood sweat and tears, also came the funny moments. Working with nature was a challenge at times, especially trying to make sure animals and hikers didn’t steal the limelight!

For the remainder of the video, the indoor takes were shot in a studio where the wonderful crew re-created a 1920’s dressing room. They had been looking for all things vintage in Madrid for weeks before. The final touch for the wardrobe was the vintage aviator hat… which turned out to be absolutely impossible to get hold of! Working under pressure though seemed to spur everyone on when the night before filming; at 9pm a random military shop that just happened to be open by pure chance had one left in stock; nothing like a last minute bout of pressure to save the day.

Afrika Fuentes debut Music Video RAINBOW is out now!! You can watch it here.